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The Designer Dev was started in April 2020 because, I, Mahak, was bored and wanted to do something. So I decided to convert quotes into visually appealing images and sharing it on various platforms, inspired by Please don’t ask me why I decided to go with this name, it still doesn’t make sense to me either… 

Slowly, I started creating other form of content inspired by other creators. Now I share written content (newsletter/blog/ebook), quotes and animated videos. My content is centered on life in general from career, relationships to finance. It’s practically anything and everything under the sun that I keep reading. More on each form of content follows.

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Precis, is the only thing I’ve been doing consistently, it’s been a year now. The idea is very simple – I share a small piece of text as an image on WhatsApp every evening! All you need to do is ping me on WhatsApp. Subscribe, right away! It’s completely free. My readers have read something from around 50+ books now. Yes, I am damn serious, find the list of books here.

Animated Precis

I animate the most loved content of my precis. This (hopefully) makes it easier to consume for those who don’t like reading. The cute character you see on the left is the lead character who narrates the story. I promise you, it’s worth watching!


I celebrate milestones like, 100 days, 365 days, and so on of precis with a compilation of all the content pieces shared as precis until then. Some people say these ebooks lift their mood, maybe you should try reading them too. 


A productivity Chrome Extension which helps you re-focus every time you open a new tab. Nothing very fancy, just aesthetics packed with inspiration for people who love dark theme like me 🙂

Why: The internet is overflowing with all kinds of content. Most people don’t understand how the content they consume affects their life. Consuming positive, educating, and inspiring content can put us ahead of others.

HOW: By sharing summarized content pieces from publicly available sources like books, blogs, podcasts, Twitter threads, etc.

WHAT: A free daily newsletter that has almost nothing to do with news directly on WhatsApp – Precis. And social media accounts which have animated videos and graphics. 

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