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A daily WhatsApp newsletter started in October 2020. Every day in the evening, I share a small piece of text taken from insightful books, blogs and Twitter Threads directly on WhatsApp. The content is usually centered on Personal finance, relationships, psychology, life hacks and much more. 

All you need to do is ping me on WhatsApp to subscribe. Yes it’s as simple as it looks on the left 😛 

My readers have read some parts of 50+ books in less than a year! You can check out the list of books here.


This newsletter was previously known as “The Designer Dev Digest” and has now been renamed “Precis.” After running this digest for almost 300 days, I realized that the name didn’t do justice to the content shared. Hence rebranded it.

Precis, pronounced as ‘preɪsi’, means a summary or abstract of a text or speech, which is essentially the core of what this newsletter aims to provide to its readers.


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